YTH Tribes

All Ages

Tribes are in our DNA! We are all about doing life together. We offer 2 different types of tribes to create multiple connection points between students & caring adults .
  • Discipleship Tribes are weekly small groups created for students in similar stages of life to build community together. D-Tribes are are grade and gender specific, and occur during our Wednesday Night Service.
  • Passion Tribes help students build intentional community – connect, engage, discuss passions, share interests, and grow together &  happen throughout the week, are coed & interest based.
Share your passion, find your people, live your purpose! Click "Tribe Me" and fill out a form in the link below!

Tribes Form

D – Tribes happen throughout the week in online gatherings, text groups, chats and digital hangs in addition to our Wednesday Night Live event on YouTube.

It’s a core value of ours, that every student experiences an intentional conversation with a caring adult. Every student is known, valued, and connected by a caring adult.

Each Tribe is made up of students in the same grade and of the same sex.

**All male students are with male leaders and all female students are with female leaders.

Not in a tribe? Let us help you get in one! Click the link and let’s get you in a Tribe! (Please add the names of your students and their grades in the email)
YTH56 Tribes: YTH56
Middle School: Middle School Tribes
High School: High School Tribes

Passion Tribes (P-Tribes) are designed to allow students who enjoy commonality in their talents, goals & hobbies, and passions to grow in their faith through their skillsets together. We believe in apprenticeship, mentorship & discipleship; this means that caring adults & youth who are interested in the same things can come alongside each other and grow together.

The relationship starts off with apprenticeship, where you investigate how to grow your skillset through a shared affinity — poetry, gaming, dance, sports, etc. This will transform into mentorship where students feel comfortable to ask life questions of the adult they’ve been walking with. The last step is discipleship — where students & leaders can talk candidly about God and spiritual life change can begin. Passion Tribes are determined based on shared affinity amongst students & leaders.