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Known. Valued. Connected.
Every student is KNOWN by a caring adult, understands their VALUE in Christ and His Kingdom, and is CONNECTED to the local Church to impact their schools, community and world for Christ.


Middle School
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Every student is KNOWN by a caring adult.

“You can’t have a tribe without a leader…and you can’t be a leader without a tribe.”

Tribes happen every Wednesday Night as a part of your Wednesday Night program.
It’s a core value that every student experiences an intentional conversation with a caring adult.

Each Tribe is made up of students in the same grade and of the same sex.

**All male students are with male leaders and all female students are with female leaders. 
Not in a tribe? Let us help you get in one!

Click the link and let’s get you in a Tribe!
(Please add the names of your students and their grades in the email)
Middle School: Middle School Tribes
High School: High School Tribes

Hello! We need YOU to make the Midtown YTH dream happen!
There are several opportunities for you to serve and be a part of our team.

If you are interested in being a part of the Midtown YTH family, please choose an area of interest below and email us!

Setting the right atmosphere is key! And it takes a team to do it well!
Our VIBES team is all about creating an atmosphere of fun, family, and safety. This team is literally the hands and feet of our Ministry!

Greeters & Ushers: Be the first friendly face and smile our students see as they step foot on campus. This team owns the “street to seat” vibe.

Set Up & Tear Down: Get your hands in the game and help set up and tear down the Weeknight and special events that the Midtown YTH

Welcome Center & Check-In: The people with smiles and answers! Help parents and students with next steps, checking in, and whats coming up!

Production (A/V): Work the boards and serve on the team that brings the service to life. Run sound and on screen graphics & videos for our YTH Weeknight programs.

Program: Assist the Wednesday Night program team with the order of service, and flow of the night.

Media (Photo, Graphic, Video, Social Media): Communication is key. Serve on the team that uses art, design, video, and creativity to capture and share the stories of our YTH to the YTH of Sacramento.

Tribe Coach: Develop tribe leaders. Mentor and coach adult leaders.

Tribe Leader: Lead discussions and invest in a tribe of students on Wednesday nights. Jesus said it best, “Go and make disciples!” Being a Tribe leader the most powerful and impactful way for you to live out the great commission.

Email: Contact Us!

Mexico Outreach
Middle School Summer Camp
High School Summer Camp
Midtown YTH Calendar 2020
Unleashed Conference

Upcoming Events

Bayside Midtown Outreach Fundraiser
March 6 6:30pm - 8:30pm

SAVE THE DATE!!! Join us for fun filled evening of food, fellowship, and fundraising! All monies raised at the Midtown Outreach Fiesta Fundraiser help pay for, send, and support Bayside... Read More

Mens Morning Fellowship
March 14 9:00am - 11:00am Bayside Midtown Campus 10

Bible, Fellowship, & Food. Where men go, so goes the Church! We believe that men shape the future of our homes, business community and neighborhoods. Be  intentional with your time and... Read More

Mexico Outreach 2020
April 3 - April 10 12:00am Mexicali, Mexico Varies

During Easter week Bayside students and adults come together to serve as God’s hands and feet in Mexicali, Mexico. Mexico Outreach started in 1996 with just a small group of... Read More

San Francisco Outreach | Middle School
April 7 - April 9 4:00pm - 10:00pm San Francisco 225

What is your student doing for spring break? Playing video games? Sleeping in? Going to the mall? What if their spring break was about making an impact in the lives... Read More