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Here at Bayside, we believe in groups. We believe in community. We believe in transformation through relationships. We believe every person on every campus should be connected to a group of people with a leader who cares. Don’t go at life alone. Join a group!

You can start your own group any time of the year! We’re here to help. Host a group on your time, your way and with your people. Invite your crew, set a time & pick a study.

Invite – Invite – Invite

We have found that the best way to be in a group, is by invitation! In our experience, the most successful groups are those formed with people you already know. Who is in your life right now that might be interested in joining with you once a week? Brainstorm a list of friends you have from work, your neighborhood, your kids’ school or sports program, family, the gym, etc… If you already have one or two people who would like to join you, have them also brainstorm the same list of people in their life. You’d be amazed at who God sends your way!

Curriculum and Material

  • Follow along with our Sermon Series studies please email:
    The Sermon Series study follows the weekend message. This study provides a weekly recap along with 5-10 discussion questions that dive deeper into the weekend message. This makes it easy for you and your crew to dive into reflective learning after Sundays message.
  • Access Right Now Media studies HERE.
    Right Now Media is an online library that gives you instant access to thousands of Bible study videos, complimentary from Bayside! Think Netflix, but for Bible Studies. Yep. That easy. You can browse the options, find one that fits your crew to dive into with video and discussion Qs.

But I’m not a good leader or teacher…
Remember, you are the host. You don’t have to be the expert! Allow the video and discussion questions to do the teaching – you just provide a place and review it and facilitate conversation.

Gather your people, invite a new friend, get to HOSTING a group.


Learn more about Groups:

Connect with our Women’s Large Study Groups (18+): CLICK HERE

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Connect with our Celebrate Recovery Groups & Ministry (18+): CLICK HERE

Connect with our 1825 Group (18+): CLICK HERE 

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We know this season many of you have been waiting to join a group. Join an open group or, start your own group with your crew by hosting one. We’ll set you up for success!


Are you currently a Bayside “leader”?

*a group leader is someone who has been approved to a higher level of leadership. This person is a Bayside member and has been finger printed.


With plans to restructure groups in this new season, any Q’s or any resources you need as your group meets online, please email us directly:

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