Breakaway Summer Camps

Kids matter around here! And our Breakaway Kids Camps are an awesome way to spend your summer! Join in support at our annual Breakaway Fundraiser held every spring. Help support our educational program, Breakaway Academy.  Volunteer and sign your kids up to spend a week with us at Breakaway Classic in June, and a few evenings at Breakaway Nights in July - you don't want to miss it and your kids will love it! Questions?

2017 Dates to Save

Breakaway Fundraiser | May 19 | Tickets on sale NOW! Click Here.

*Breakaway Classic @ Leataata Floyd Elementary | June 19 - 23 Volunteer!

*Breakaway Nights | July 11 - 13 Volunteer!

Breakaway Academy @ Leataata Floyd Elementary | June 20 - August 1 | For LFE Students only


Small Group Leader

Be part of planting the seed early! You will lead a group of 8+/- children as they move through the stations of Breakaway (arts, rally, rec, etc). All curriculum and supplies will be provided as you share the lesson with the kids.  You must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to help the children make that same commitment.

Assistant Leader

Share the joy of leading kids through Breakaway, keeping them safe and engaged and learning about Jesus. You will assist the leader as necessary, staying at the back of the line, going on restroom breaks, etc. This is a great job for a high school student or adult who is interested in connecting with the kids!


This job is perfect for a younger first-time volunteer. We encourage our mature 7th/8th grade students to sign up for this role. You will assist the leaders in keeping the kids engaged, you’ll help with all the stations, “running” to get assistance as necessary.

Special Needs Buddy

This is a great job for loving and caring individuals! You will provide one-to-one attention for a child with special needs within a small group. A buddy is someone to experience Breakaway with, side by side, connecting and having fun! No experience necessary. Support will be provided by our Children’s Ministry.

Bayside Kids Care

Adults, High School

(11th & 12th only)

Be a blessing so others can bless! Serve our staff and volunteers by caring for their children while they serve at Breakaway! Care for volunteers and staff children ages 2 months to 4 years during Breakaway camp!

Encouragement/Prayer Team


This is a team of happy faces who delight in blessing others with smiles, treats and words of encouragement. Provide special treats – from food and drinks to Bible verses and notes of love and support for our volunteers. Pray for our volunteers and kids. Connect with Director and Leads during the day for prayer requests. Help create an atmosphere of relaxation where volunteers can stop and take a breather during a busy fun day! Your heartfelt words and bright smiles will energize our volunteers.

Art Team

Is there an artist inside of you? If so this is your area! Assist the children at craft stations.  Prepare the art tables and supplies, help the children enjoy their time in the art area, re-stock tables for the next rotation of children and assist in clean up.  Activities may be hands-on, messy, and wet, be prepared to laugh and have fun!

Food Team

Be on the team that makes everyone cheer! Distribute and feed our kids during camp. Help with set up and clean up of food area.
Classic Breakaway @ Leataata Elementary provides breakfast and lunch.
Nights @ the church provides dinner and snack.

Recreation Team

Keep our kids safe while encouraging them to have a blast and participate in rec time! Play with the kids in planned team games. Encourage good sportsmanship and having fun.

Water Team (Classic Only)

Keep our kids safe while getting cooled off at Water rotation. Play games, get wet, encourage connection while having fun at one of the favorite rotations!

First Aid

Adults only (must be First Aid certified) 

Physicians, nurses and paramedics preferred. Assist with accidents, injuries and emergencies that might occur during Breakaway Kids Camps.

Registration/Prep Team

Adults, High School

Wanting to volunteer but leading kids isn’t in your wheelhouse? We still need you! We have needs from office admin help, small group material prep help, to registration, follow up and more. Assist with check-in & check-out during camp or help before or after camp.

Security Team

Adults only

Show God’s love to the children at Breakaway, their parents, and the volunteers by assuring a safe and secure environment.  Involves assisting visitors during Breakaway, assisting Director as needed in challenges, and checking children and parents out of campus at the end of each session. Volunteers must be 18 years or older.

Utility Team

Adult, High School

This team will help wherever needed with physical tasks during camp. Moving bins, water jugs, tables and more.  Involves lifting. Must be able to come early for setup and stay up to an hour after the end of the session each day.

If you are unable to take a week off of work for Classic, or three evenings for Nights, but would love to contribute to Breakaway this job is for you!  This team will help with Breakaway set-up and teardown. We need help with construction, heavy lifting, and more.  

Build It Team

If you are unable to take a week off of work for Classic, or three evenings for Nights, but would love to contribute to Breakaway this job is for you!  This team will help with Breakaway set-up and teardown. We need help with construction, heavy lifting, and more.